ZUSE ETA-MILL 1000/1600


The Zuse ETA-MILL is the motor driving your product innovation to perfection. Our premium product combines technical features like complete machining from 5 side, integrated milling and turning, full 5-axis machining and modern process controls, as well as advanced design in one machining center. Because you don’t need another machine tool, but a machining center with integrated future! Shape products. Not production.

  • Complexity: Optimal accessibility for easy loading
  • Robustness: Dual-block machine body
  • Flexibility: 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • Precision: Dynamic movements of all axes
High precision – get 5 at the price of 4!
Enjoy the benefits, precision and flexibility of 5-axis high end machining at the price of a 4-axis machining center. Master complex geometries with the precision and flexibility of 5-axes simultaneous machining at the price of a 4-axis machining center.
Robust to the core – DUAL-BLOCK MACHINE BODY
The rugged, dual-block machine body provides optimal stability and accessibility for large pieces. The extremely durable machine body provides the necessary stability and shock absorption for high precision machining of very large and heavy work pieces. To this end, accessibility and visibility are optimized.

B-axis swivel milling head

The latest technology torque motors are the main drive element in the B-axis and manage the swivel milling head and guarantee maximum movement dynamic and linearity. Due to the absence of mechanical kinematic parts, performance is increased in finishing surfaces, with a large swivel range for negative angles from -120° up to 30°. When operating with clamped axes, e.g. for roughing, the rotor serves as a kind of brake drum with high holding torque. With swivelling speeds of up to 15 min-1, and the fast linear axes, true 5-axes simultaneous machining becomes possible.

C-axis rotary table

Standard design
The classic worm wheel or gear design rotary tables are equipped with a Heidenhain high precision absolute encoder, a direct reading system for high precision machining. The movement dynamics and linearity result in big drive torque and higher performance. Maximum table load is up to 500 kg.
Optional design
Optionally available are latest technology torque motor rotary tables with high speed of up to 50 rpm, integrated into the 1100 mm x 610 mm plain table. The larger working table provides more flexibility for set -up and machining of larger work pieces, while the torque motor boosts performance.


Inside a ZUSE ETA-MILL, everything revolves around perfect machining: From the all-rounder spindle with optimum nominal speed to the finisher and the rough cutter – our spindles turn your product into a success!

The allrounder (optimal turning) – 12.000 rpm
The finisher (optional) – 18.000 rpm
The rough cutter (standard) – 14.000 rpm

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